Labor Management Institute, Inc. is happy to announce that our very own Jennifer Guild and Heather McCrohan will be presenting on A Healthy Environment for Patients, Staff and the Bottom Line: Best Practices in Budgeting, Scheduling & Staffing.

Forum Theme: Fostering a Healthy Work Environment through Synergy, Inclusion and Ethical Leadership

Hospital surveys have shown that a positive work environment improves the quality and safety of patient care, reduces staff burnout and turnover, and improves patient satisfaction. Unfortunately, staff and families bring outside stressors into the NICU, incivility among staff is on the rise, and tension among racial, socio-economic and generational groups is palpable in many hospitals. Keeping staff happy, healthy and feeling valued has become a top priority for today’s leaders.

LMI will be conducting a Pre-Conference on NICU Scheduling, Staffing and FTE Budget Management (Half day AM). Please visit 

This pre-conference will share best practices for scheduling, staffing and budget management for the NICU Nurse Leader. Participants will complete interactive exercises to facilitate skill growth relative to FTE budgeting, utilization of schedule requirements, schedule construction and auditing. Together, we will unlock the plan to design and deliver the human resources to provide safe care to the neonatal population, including: a balanced schedule, skill mix, education and replacement of paid and unpaid absence.

Heather McCrohan

Ms. McCrohan is a Certified Resource Leader and has more than eight years healthcare experience in financial budgeting, employee scheduling, staffing and resource management. Areas of expertise include workload measurement, productivity management, and resource management. She has assisted in evaluating and defending nurse staffing resources to senior leadership. Ms. McCrohan is publication manager of the nationally recognized newsletter Perspectives of Staffing and Scheduling© (PSS™) and the Labor Management Institute’s PSS™ Annual Survey of Hours Report©. Ms. McCrohan graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelors in Business and her MBA from Bethel University. She is a member of the International Organization of Schedulers, Staffers and Resource Leaders (IOSSRL) and the Workforce Educational Organization (WEO).