Labor Management Institute, Inc.’s core business is education, research and consulting to healthcare and other organizations to address staffing, scheduling and other workforce management needs. We look at budgeting, scheduling, daily staffing and the management information systems, which enables managers to address such needs as excessive overtime, sick calls, other unexpected absenteeism, turnover, recruitment and retention.

What Labor Management Does:

  • Works with clients to analyze operations, formulate financial and workforce management goals, procedures for increasing productivity and cost reductions with strategies for implementation.
  • Consults on the development of infrastructure for delivery of staffing resources to patient care areas for centralized and decentralized departments.
  • Designs and implements comprehensive staffing management plans, which result in a reduction of premium labor dollars and department costs.
  • Teaches and demonstrates effective use of automated scheduling and staffing systems, to improve efficiency, accuracy, and provide a foundation for return on investment.
  • Provides educational programs for budgeting, scheduling, daily staffing, management information reporting, supplemental pool design and technology reviews for automation.

Our consulting expertise has helped hundreds of organizations to find innovative solutions that balance workforce performance within the workplace environment.


Recognized leader in workforce management, Labor Management Institute, Inc. publishes thought leadership and regularly contributes articles and book publications.

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