A product for FTE Budgeting and Position Control automation

Workforce Management Budget Subscription Service© recommended Interface includes a one-way export of data from the organization’s Human Resource system. Optional Interfaces include a one-way export of data from the organization’s Finance budget system. Includes 4 modules and 10 reports.


  1. Dramatically simplifies the process of creating and managing position control
  2. Identifies overages and/or deficits by position, shift and skill mix
  3. Balances resources by position skill mix, day of week and shift
  4. Includes education, meeting, orientation and benefit budget allocations
  5. Comprehensive position control dashboard totals by department
  6. Actual and operational vacancy with unit erosion
  7. Measure time to fill vacant positions
  8. Schedule requirements and backfill plan
  9. Budgets FTEs as direct and indirect, full-time, part-time and casual
  10. Robust on-demand unit specific and summary reporting

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