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The healthcare system in the United States is under great economic pressure to change. While nurses see patients and clinical outcomes as their priorities, unit leaders and staff nurses struggle to see the topic of finance as part of their role. To keep up with the ever-changing demands of healthcare in all organizations, it is imperative that nurses enhance their financial knowledge and develop skills to both earn and maintain a seat at the table in the allocation of dollars and FTEs. It is also important that nursing leaders create an educational plan for their financial growth and that of their team. Educating staff and being transparent about department/organizational finance helps team members understand how their actions impact the finances of their department.

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    If you are looking for financial management information, please visit the Labor Management Institute, Inc. Knowledge Center to consider our self-learning programs or seminars and certifications offered regionally or upon request at client locations.

    Jennifer Guild

    Jennifer Guild is an RN and nursing leader with 14 years’ leadership experience managing inpatient nursing units (Cardiopulmonary, Medical/Surgical) the Emergency Department and Central Staffing Office. Areas of expertise include workload measurement, productivity management, and resource management. Jennifer is certified as a Clinical Scheduler/Staffer (CCSS™). Jennifer graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN with a Bachelors in Nursing and a Masters of Nursing Science, Executive Leadership. She is a member of ANA and MNA.